Friday 10 June 2016

Fresh water invertebrates week

The Freshwater Invertebrates Department will hold a series of events as part of the Albany Museum's 160th birthday celebrations. All the talks will be at the Albany Museum Rennie Wing from 4-5pm.
Monday, 20June - History of the Freshwater Invertebrates Department by Dr Ferdy de Moor (aimed at the adult public)
Tuesday, 21 June - Careers in freshwater studies by Dr Helen James (aimed at schools/university)
Wednesday, 22 June - Bilharzia and its disappearance from the Eastern Cape by Prof Chris Appleton (KZN) (aimed at adults/older schools)
Thursday, 23 June - What museum collections mean to the public by Musa Mlambo (aimed at adults/schools)
Friday, 24 June - Natural Science Museum, adapting new age technology - a look into the future by Dr Helen James (aimed at the adult public).
Attendance is free but booking is essential: Linda Dyani o46 622 2312/ email

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